RVing – Moss Landing to Prunedale

Moss Landing



Today we drove to Moss Landing. Going down the highway the windshield was hit by what we thought was a rock. It made a huge bang and it looked like it made a big crack. Fortunately we later found that it was just a bug.

I mostly love the Moss Landing rv park. The only problem is the horrible WIFI. Just stuff you have to deal with. At least until tomorrow when we go pick up our own hot spot.

We were going to do that today but Gilroy was way too hot to stop.


Consumer errand day. Best Buy, Smash Burger, Rancho Laundramat, WalMart.

We are finding more restrictions to travel than expected. The fires and heatwave are limiting us and every other RVer to a narrow strip of coast. We’re all fighting for space. We’re set through Monday but after that, we’ll see.


We’ve made it all the way to Prunedale. A whole seven miles from Moss Landing. We’re kind of hanging around till the heat wave eases. Supposed to happen late next week. I love no having to be anywhere.


Time to update the GPS maps. Today it led us to a Black Bear Dinner that had closed some time ago. Fortunately Pat found its new location on Google. It was just one exit further up 101. Upon arrival we were greeted and hugged by a person in a bear outfit. Perfect.


The first of several still days. It’s nice to not have to unhook and rehook the RV.


Errand Day. Shopping at WalMart. Donations to Goodwill. Washing the RV. So much fun.


Great day hanging out. Tomorrow we’re going to Hollister. A whole 20 miles away.


This cat is the king of Moss Landing
empty vending machine
Is there anything sadder?
praying mantis
We had a special visitor grace our RV
tiger head
Tonya the tiger says RVing is Grreeaatt!
The laundromat had a dryer called Rex!
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