RVing – Merry Christmas

merry christmas buggy


MERRY CHRISTMAS! Last night we were visited by the Christmas Caroling Golf Cart Parade. This is a great park. Today we took Abigail to the dog park. She actually played a little with some of the big dogs. Later I went for a bike ride. Christmas in Florida!


Boxing day without the boxes. Today was our monthly vet visit. Abbie did very well with the other dogs. We went shopping for a dehumidifier but found nothing but humidifiers. You wouldn’t think that central Florida would a big market for humidifiers.


Relaundry today. We discovered mold in the closets and I had to wash every shirt and pants I own. Last night Abigail had a bad digestive reaction to her new ear meds and we had to clean up after her a couple times. Such fun.


My sister Ann and her wife Jenn are visiting. Our first guests in the RV.


Zoom zoom! My sister Ann and I went to Andretti Karting in Orlando. Much fun. We raced on track #2 which has big hills and tight corners. I spent most of the session trying to get around one guy. I wound up with the 4th fastest time, just .095 seconds behind third place.

Ann was a few seconds slower but she kept getting caught behind a VERY slow racer.


Had a great lunch at a place I found on Google Maps. My favorite part of looking for new places is reading the reviews. Not the good ones, the one-star ones. If all the other reviews are positive, you can be pretty sure the bad reviewers are assholes.




New Year’s Day. 80 degrees. Yee-Haw! Finally got a to see a real live alligator.


bicycle statue
This very funky bike sculpture is in downtown Oakland FL.
One does not usually expect to see zebras in Florida.
The current campsite is overloaded with this cute little lizards. Abigail is watching them.
A family of peacocks crossed the road by the bike path. That’s dad bring up the rear.
This mighty warrior just chased off two other squirrels to claim the winner’s share of the acorns.
Finally, an actual alligator. He was only about four feet long.
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