RVing – Just a weekend

weekend in Novato

Fri Jul 6

We are in the RV for the weekend. Starting now we will be in the RV more than the house. Monday the big truck is coming to drag away half our junk. I expect that by the end of the week they’ll be back for the rest.

Today is not a good day for keys. I was getting ready to go for a bike ride when I found that the keys to the bike lock were not where I should have put them. I looked everywhere without luck. I finally did my meditation and a realized I “probably” put them in my mobile desk at home. If they are not there I will have to buy a new lock and cut off the old. Fortunately I have “tools.”

I took the dogs to the RV park’s dog area. It was two in the afternoon, 90 degrees and the maintenance guy was there and had the sprinklers on. I’m no expert but that seemed wrong. He saw my confusion and yelled, “Yeah, I know. You should never water in the middle of a hot day. The water evaporates before it sinks in, but she says water now, so I water now. Why is grass still brown Miguel? Because we water wrong. She don’t listen.” Poetry.

Sat Jul 7

I love living in a new place. There are dog parks to explore. New restaurants with thousands of fake pink flowers to eat at. UPS trucks, Mormons and more. Where do we go next?

Sun Jul 8

Lat night I met a man who lives in a boat, that sits on a trailer, that’s parked on the road outside the RV park. He said that he’s been parked there for over two months and nobody has said anything. Cool.

We’re going home today and I don’t know when we’ll all be back. I have to come back on Thursday to move from one spot to another. Then it might be going into storage for a while till the sale is closer. Bummer.

Tue Jul 10

I’m sitting in the RV, prepping it to go back into storage. Sad, but we’ll be back. A couple weeks delay while we deal with the new house buyer.

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