RVing – Happy Times

happy times no swearing sign


Errand day. Pat got an eye exam and we got a new phone plan. Oh, and Abigail chased a squirrel. Happy times.


Nice day. Long bike ride. Piles of laundry. Found a great new fast food place. To Pat’s delight they have real southern hush puppies.


Here in Virginia Beach when they say off-season they mean it. There are stores and restaurants that are already closed and won’t reopen till March.

It was our monthly visit the vet day, but this time we got an appointment so it didn’t take nearly as long as usual.


We found a very good restaurant today. Pat got hush puppies. I didn’t get the grits.

The we went to the boardwalk. Pat road her scooter around while Tonya and I explored the handicapped playground. She enjoyed some of it. Was bored by the rest.


Today at a southern fast food restaurant the clerk made fun of how I said “hush puppies.” Apparently I have a funny northern accent.


Another errand day. Recycling, donations, dog food, drug store. We ate lunch at the No Frill Grill. The name is completely inaccurate.


Last full day in Virginia Beach. We did some tidying up. Heading south tomorrow.


abbie road restaurant
A Beatles-themed restaurant. (Sort-of)
fall trees
It’s fall in Virginia Beach. We haven’t seen real fall in decades.
ocean condos
The view of the weirdly calm ocean in a rare gap between the rich folks.
The Raven Restaurant
The sign was the coolest thing about this restaurant.
Tonya exercising
Tonya gets in a workout at the accessible playground in Virginia Beach
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