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RV getting things done


Two trips to WalMart today. The first to buy a little printer. The second to buy printer paper. Turns out that printers are next to useless without the paper. Thinking ahead is the secret to getting things done.


Laundry day. I never thought I would be the kind of person who would ever say anything like this; They have really good washers and dryers at this park.


Crumby day. Rex couldn’t stand up this morning. I had to hold him up to eat. The vet was very nice and comforting.


We’ve gone deep enough into Florida that we’ve hit our first senior’s park. Yes we qualify as seniors. Well, Tonya is off by one year, but two out of three is enough. Abigail is happy. There are many squirrels here.


77 degrees today. It’s snowing in North Carolina. Looks like we made the right choice location-wise this week. Rain tomorrow.


Lots of rain last night and today, but it’s snowing only two states away so I’m not complaining. The rental car stinks. Literally, it smells so bad inside we have to cover our mouths. If it doesn’t improve tomorrow I’m taking it back.


The car stinks a bit less today. I figure the smell will be completely gone by Friday when I return it. Busy afternoon. Petco, Verizon, UPS Store, Post Office 1, Post Office 2. Still have a list of stuff that needs doing.



The pretty white bird loses its elegance when it scoops up rodents and swallows them whole.

speed limit sign

If you exceed the speed in a Florida campground they threaten to sick the gators on you.


Just in case the rodents and reptiles aren’t scary enough, Buzzy stops by and “watches” you.

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