RVing – Georgia to Florida

Florida Swamp


We’re in Savannah GA for one night because there is no spot for us tomorrow night. Either something is going on in town that we can’t find any info on, or it’s just like this all the time. All the parks, that we’d actually want to stay at, are all full.


Today we drove to Townsend GA. The RV park has an old boat for an office and surrounds a beautiful little lake. Good WiFi!


I replaced the bathroom light today. It works but I don’t trust the spring mount. I’ll see if it stays put when we travel. If it does then I’ll replace the rest of the burned out lights.


FLORIDA!!!! Temperatures in the 70’s! We’re in a small town I’ve never heard of. Tomorrow we explore.


All the rain in the sky fell on us today. Good day to get nothing done. Still hot and humid.


Second of December and we had to turn on the air conditioning today. If you are ever in Starke FL eat at Grannie’s. You won’t be sorry or hungry.

There is a creature hole next to our RV. According to Google Images it’s a snake hole. Oh boy.


Today we went to the mail-forwarding place to fill out forms. While there they told us everything we need to do to become Florida residents. It’s nothing too hard but there are steps and an order to those steps. Nothing we can’t handle.


bathroom door
Funky looking, but it keeps the gators out of the restrooms.
This ain’t no big city park.
land-locked ship
The best campground office EVER!
Tonya rocks! Literally, that’s a folding rocking chair.
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