RVing – From Lazy to Locks

lazy dogs


Laundry day. Lazy day. Had a good nap.


Grocery store run. Pet store run. Lunch at Bob Evans. I haven’t been to one of those since my brother Jim took me when I was visiting him in Toledo. Tonya wanted fish but was happy when she got bacon and eggs.

It’s Thanksgiving eve and the park is full. I’ve never seen so many RVs before.


I dropped Abigail at the boarder then went and flew to Rhode Island. Pat, Tonya and Rex stayed in the RV. It was 18 degrees in Worcester and there were 18 of us for Thanksgiving dinner.


The trip back home to the RV took 12 hours. Oddly, I found it enjoyable.


Pouring rain this morning but I couldn’t wait to go get Abigail. She wasn’t all that happy to see me. Later, she forgave me for leaving her behind and put her head in my lap.


The RV’s door lock broke today. Fortunately Pat was inside and I was outside so we were able to work together to get the door opened. This little plastic part broke disabling the latch. Unfortunately there is no way of fixing it so we have to replace the whole lock. Fortunately we are in a city with many RV parts places.

Also fortunately, this didn’t happen while I was away for Thanksgiving.


Yeah, Camping World had the lock we needed. It took longer to go pick it up than it did to install it. Best part is; the old lock had two keys and the new one has only one. One Key Less!


business card
The neighbor girls have the cutest business card EVER!
Jenn in her natural habitat.
Ann never doesn’t have a laptop or cell phone in hand.
The bird is demanding equal time with the dogs.
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