RVing – Flagstaff, Gallup, Albuquerque

Irony pool, not Flagstaff


Drove to Flagstaff in the rain. Thunder and lightning, but we managed to miss the hail. Funky little park with the least level sight I have ever encountered. Wound up with two wheels off the ground. Retracted the levelers, moved the RV a bit and started over. We’re still not level, but it’s tolerable. We’ll fix it tomorrow.


Had a nice bike ride today. Went through downtown Flagstaff. Funky college/tourist town. Last five minutes of the ride was in a heavy rain. Last 30 seconds in the hail.


We moved across town to another park. We’re in town an extra day waiting for my prescriptions. This park has WIFI so we’re happier. Though the site is no more level than the last. It’s not like we had to change our plans because we don’t really have any.

While sitting in the McDonalds parking lot Pat commented that she could just sit there all day and watch the people go by.

We were also able to get the rest of the dog meds from a vet. So we’re set for another month.


Today we drove through Winslow Arizona, as in standing on the corner in. Except for one block downtown it was a very sad place.

We got to New Mexico and stopped at the welcome center, only it was closed. The timezone change strikes again.

I stopped to walk the dogs at Navajo jewelry, blanket, kachina doll, etc. store. (Yes, I know kachinas aren’t Navajo. I’m just reporting what I saw.) The store was full of over-priced mass-produced stuff.

We are in Gallup in an RV park that I’m sure used to be a drive-in theater. We are right next to the Gallup airport so that was a nice surprise.


We didn’t get to go to the Navajo Zoo in Window Rock. This week the town is hosting the Navajo Nation Fair. That’s too big an event to handle the logistics of a half-day visit. No matter, there was a thunderstorm anyway. Tomorrow we are off to Alburquerque.


Ate lunch at the Iron Skillet in Grants New Mexico. While eating lunch we were surround by tables speaking four different languages. Felt like we were back in San Francisco.

One of the duties you take on when drive a retro RV is that you have to talk to people about it. Today I got to talk to an 82 year old former truck driver who sleeps in his car and misses his dog.

We are in Albuquerque. Well, we are actually just outside and several hundred feet above Albuquerque. I must remember to consult the topographical maps before selecting a park. The park is actually very nice though. Cable TV, good wifi, pool, hot tub and a very nice dog area. We’re sitting still for a week so I can catch up on my school work.


When it rains in Albuquerque, it rains. The lizards all hid in the bushes. Tomorrow we’re renting a car so we can explore the town less clumsily.


That crow took that bone away from a dog
Proof that Pat is on the trip
NM rest area
They had to put that sign up for a reason
Our front window view at the campsite
storage cpntainer
How fitting and adorable
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