RVing – Cracked Windshield for Christmas

cracked windshield


The windshield is cracked. Sad. It’s a stress crack which is almost impossible to fix. Fortunately there is a Winnebago dealer nearby and we have an extended warranty. Mostly just an annoyance.

The rental car has the worst GPS in the history of such devices. It took us four tries to find a WalMart. Yes, we’re in Orlando Florida and had trouble finding a WalMart. Technology lets us down.


Rode my bike today. 20 miles. Went to the store to prepare for tomorrow’s big storm. Pat started putting up Christmas decorations. So cute.


Heavy rain today. Spent most of the day watching the tornado alerts come and go on TV. Slowly putting up the Christmas decorations.


Went to Harbor Freight today. They were sold out of everything I wanted. That’s what I get for being a cheapskate who procrastinates. Later I went to a local wrestling school’s free holiday show. It was wonderfully bad.


The rental car’s GPS lied to us again. We went looking for Smash Burger but the GPS took us elsewhere. We finally found it, after having a very nice lunch at Fuddruckers.


Two days before Christmas and we went to the malls. There were lots of people but they were much better behaved than back in California. We took Abigail to PetsMart to be groomed. According to her report card she was well-behaved.

I finally got around to decorating our little pseudo-Christmas tree. It’s cute and colorful.


Christmas Eve. I spent the afternoon doing laundry. I got to talk to several friendly people. It was almost fun. Then later Pat discovered mold in our clothes closets. So now there’s a whole new pile of clothes to wash.


Nothing says Christmas like tinsel and plastic fish.
Christmas tree and RV
We had to put lights in the dashboard so the RV wouldn’t be jealous of the tree.
Went to the best free wrestling school show ever. Kind of like a really violent dance recital.
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