RVing – Cleaning

cleaning the roof?


Cracker Barrel then the hardware store. We are so white trash.


Finally got up the energy to start cleaning out the bins. Goodwill is going to be happy.


Today we moved to Auburdale FL. We are in the prettiest RV park ever. We have a lake out our front window. Swimming is allowed in the lake but as usual they warn of alligators and snakes.


Today I had to pick up the rental car at the airport across the street, The Winter Haven Municipal Airport. It was weird walking into what seemed to be the minimally functional operational version of an airport. It had everything you would expect in an airport but at the barest minimum possible.

Later we had lunch at a real drive-in restaurant. The only thing missing was the roller skates. The food was good, cheap and gassy.


The birds came today to beg for bread. Pat gave them some. They were happy.

Weird weather for Florida. It was warm but there was no humidity. Nice breeze.


Windy windy windy today. The Spanish Moss has become tumbleweeds. Even Abigail was covered at one point.

On the road to lunch we saw an actual DUMP TRUMP billboard. Surprising in these lands.


Warmer today. Less wind. Abigail LOVES her new dog bed. We think the wind knocked over the TV antenna because we are only getting three channels. I’ll check tomorrow. Not climbing on the roof in the dark.


white bird
That three is chock full of yummy little insects
more birds
Tom, give us bread! Pat gave us bread.
Sunset in Winter Haven. No gators in sight.
dog bed
Like I said, Abigail really loves her new dog bed.
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