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casa de fruta


We are at Casa de Fruta in Hollister. It’s quiet and the WIFI is great. We checked in for two days but we might stretch that by a week. Did I mention the peacocks? There are peacocks, just wandering around the campground.


Hollister, by the way, is where the real-life events that inspired the movie THE WILD ONES happened. I have seen no evidence of such things happening again. Though apparently there is a famous biker bar downtown.

Rode my bike and went swimming today. Finished the latest section in my on-line class. A productive day.


Laundry, school, bike ride, shower, writing, planning the next leg of our journey. Nothing definite yet.


Went into town for supplies. The Walmart in Gilroy does not sell batteries, so we had to go to Lowes, for batteries. The park is twice as full tonight as it was last night. Still pretty empty.


Too hot to ride. Gilroy called with a cancellation so we have a place to stay next week. More people came today. The park is now almost half full. The WIFI is slowing.

When I was walking the dogs we passed two older women feeding bread to the peacocks. They will be talking about that for the rest of their lives.


I have competing fears. I’m afraid that I could become someone who just sits around doing nothing. On the other hand I’m afraid that I am incapable of doing nothing.


Our last full day at Casa de Fruta. Running low on supplies.  I am no fan of the convenience store up the street. They have no Coke, only Pepsi.

I had to feed the peacocks today. The little girl that has been feeding them is not here.


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