RVing – Ambulance Visit


Another ambulance visited to RV park. I guess that’s a regular thing here in retirement land. Good long bike ride today. Dinner from Boston Market. MMMM, tatoes!


Still waiting to hear back from the glass people about fixing the windshield. We’re staying in the current park but we have to switch spots tomorrow.


We were supposed to move to another space today but they called and said the other people had canceled so we get to stay put. The new windshield will be here in 4 to 6 days.


Meeting neighbors. Watching RVs come and go. Walking the dog. Life in motorhome suburbia.


Temps in the upper 70’s. So nice.


Pat and I both realized that we are feeling restless because we’ve been staying at parks too long. Time to start moving again.

High Temp, 80 degrees, love Florida in January.


Cooled today, but still in the 60’s. Today we talked about buying a car to tow behind the RV. The rental car fees are adding up.


bear crossing
These signs are common here but apparently the bears are not.
betty boop
Just a couple panels of the miles of painted fences along the bike trail.
Jerry Garcia
Jerry and Sophia watch from their wooden moments in time.
Caught in the act. After my protein bars again.
Author: Tom
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