RVing – Abigail wants to drive



Abigail wants to drive. We’re in Gilroy at the park where we’ve probably spent more time then all other parks combined. This is the last of local parks though. We have reservations for Labor Day in Williams Arizona. That’s 600 miles away. We’re here till Thursday then it’s Eastward Ho!


Bike rides, dog walks, easy day at school. Life is sunny and good.


Long bike ride. Bad lesson at school today. We learned the inner workings of a 12 year old templating engine that even the author tells people not to use. Then all the quizes were trick questions. Not fun.


We’re at 4000 feet sitting next to a glider ride airport. It’s even darker and quieter than Hollister. There is an old Bluebird bus conversion next to us. A rare occasion where we aren’t the funkiest RV in the park.

The first day in the heat went OK. Rex handled it better than expected. Abigail less so. Pat not so well. One more long day in the heat and we’ll be out of it.


Long hot ride today. The Mojave desert wasn’t too bad but we got to Needles it was 106. Laughlin was 111. Tonight we are in Seligman. The high tomorrow is supposed to be 81. Much better.

We are the Route 66 KOA. The whole town is like a route 66 museum and gift shop. Hope to explore tomorrow. For tonight, we have the trains. When we checked in the clerk gave me an “I survived the night of 100 trains” key chain. For us it’s not too bad, but the tent sites are right next to the tracks.

This is the camp of a thousand smells. First, the tourists next to us lit a fire of some kind of scented wood. It stunk so bad even THEY went back inside. Then a fifth wheel came in pulled by a diesel truck in serious need of a tune-up. Finally the people on the other side of were smoking just outside our window till one of them coughed up a lung and they went inside.


Short ride to Williams Arizona, the gateway to the Grand Canyon. We’re here for a while to get over the desert dash. It’s cooler here. Definite tourist town.


Two days of wonderful thunder storms. Rain is much more enjoyable when you don’t have anywhere to go. We moved sites within the park this morning. The first site was way too hilly. The new one is near the bottom of the hill. Much flatter.


The cacti be blooming in Gilroy
Me, hard at work writing my nonsense
The RV, as seen in the neighbors fun house mirror
mosaic truck
Outside my favorite fruit stand in Bakersfield
gliders and windmills
We stayed the night in the land of wind
trains key chain
The night of a thousand trains
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