RVing – a week in Williams


Williams AZ: We are making this all up as we go along. So we are learning things every day. Had I researched this park more I wouldn’t have picked it. It is on the side of a big hill, has loose gravel roads, is at a high elevation and has a steep walk to the bathroom. But all that aside, it’s a cool park.


We went to Flagstaff for supplies today. We were surprised to find a Sprouts, so Pat now has a stash of her favorite cookies. We need to get better at planning our supplies.


A wonderful sitting-around day.


Adventure day. We went downtown and I set up Pat’s scooter. We took the dogs and walked around Williams. Ate at an outside restaurant that was OK with the dogs. The waiter even brought little bowls of water for them. The best part was when the bikers arrived and they turned out to be French tourists. I love when my expectations are so wrong.


When in Williams Arizona eat at Rod’s Steak House. The food was amazing and the prices were good. We moved parks and we’re right next to a truck stop. I know this should bother me but I love it.

The funniest thing about this town is that many tourists are taking pictures of our yellow Winnebago.


Not quite a month in the RV any we are already having to rearrange some of the storage areas.


Today we took Abigail out to the picnic table and cut her hair. She’s not all that pretty, but she’ll certainly be cooler.


Go Away. You can’t see me.


Old train car
The view out our front window


Grand Canyon Beer
Had to try the local beer. Not my favorite.





fire hydrant
The fire hydrants are from Iowa
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