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RV newsletter contest entry – non winning

Saw a 1979 Winnebago just like silly Betty had. Peter, my Albanian goat though it was her’s. He threw a fit like a mutant parakeet sighting Elvis.

She became an organ donor in a dump station accident. While dumping she used her cell phone to call Sarah Palin. Sparked the fumes and burned down the campsite. I told her to buy a Magellan GPS instead but she was stubborn as Maude’s dog Robert.

She had questionable tactics regarding her rig’s waste system and suffered from a nasty bug causing noxious excretions which contributed to her exploding holding tank. Caught it at the Mayflower eating a whistling oyster with the President of The Bugs Bunny Society. Made a terrible odor. Like Mr. Ed after a sauna.

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Tags: ,, - Author: Tom - Published: September 23, 2012


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