Russian Dash Cam Crash Video – The Drinking Game

Hello, my name is Tom and I’m a dash cam crash video addict. Rather than suffering in silence I have decided that the best way to justify my sickness is to engage other people in the activity, and what better way to get people involved than to involve alkyhol.

Building on the long tradition of video-based drinking games I have developed an easy set of rules which should induce drunken hilarity to your next redneck youtube party.

The first question is; What triggers the drinking? If it was just a drink for every crash it wouldn’t be a game it would be a swamp yankee family reunion. Hours of research finally revealed a pattern that allows copious consumption but maintains the illusion of an ordered society.

MoskvichThe car you see pictured is a Moskvich 2140. If you’re a motorhead you’ll be saying, “Funny, it looks like an old Fiat.” Well you get the brass ring. Many of the soviet era behind the iron curtain cars were based on or a rip-off of various Fiat models. While many companies built these mostly identical cars I chose the Moskvich because it is by far the most fun to yell while drunk.

So the point is to watch the video for the appearance of one of these square little cars. The first person to yell MOSKVICH gets to pick someone to take a drink. However, if the Moskvich does not crash then the person who yelled has to take a drink. Simple. Have fun and drink up.


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Author: Tom
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