RM Auction Monaco – What I’m watching (updated results)

As you could probably guess, a classic car auction held in Monaco is chock full of amazing pieces of automotive art and history. However if you regularly read my auction rants you know that sort of thing doesn’t interest me.

Fortunately there are a couple cars that caught my attention. One for its evocation of youthful racing fan dreams. The other because it doesn’t fit the art or history category, as evidenced by its last car of the auction position.

Lot 181
1980 Tyrrell 010 Formula One
est. 215,000 – 285,000 euros (no reserve)

I have been a Tyrrell fan since before I knew what a Tyrrell was. When I first became of F1, Jackie Stewart was F1. After his retirement I just sort of stuck with rooting for Tyrrell drivers. Then they became the underdogs which cemented my love of the team.

While a Stewart era Tyrrell would fetch a price beyond my ability to calculate, an underdog Tyrrell is well within the grasp of any vintage racing-minded millionaire.

Result: 179,200 euros

Lot 189
1973 Fiat 130 Coupé by Pininfarina
est. 10,000 – 15,000 euros (no reserve)

Unlike Tyrrell, Fiat was not part of my motoring youth. Their engines were small. They rusted through at the first hint of New England winter. No girl in my high school ever said, “OOO, A Fiat!”

However, in my aging wisdom I have come to appreciate the brand. And oddly, the 130 Coupe is not what I think of when I think Fiat. It is probably the most American Fiat I’ve ever seen. It has six cylinder engine with an automatic transmission. Blasphemy!

It is a rather nice looking car though and can potentially be had for a less-than-ebay price. After all, while sometimes people go for the last car just for the sake of buying something, I don’t see this can as an acceptable substitute for a Ferrari 275. But it is the car that I would be most likely to bid on.

Result: 16,800 euros

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