Review: A Drizzle of Zombies – Joshua Price

Captain Rescue’s latest adventure can best be described with one word used several time in the book itself, Audacity. To write a full length book starring a do-nothing hero takes a combination of cluelessness and courage equal to the hero of such a book, and that’s a good thing. Only someone with their inner critic well under lock and key could have produced this epic of the genre.

While many writers create a do-nothing hero as a lark or divergence it takes dedication to produce more than one attempt and down-right commitment, or commitability, to to create a series of works. The old saying goes, “It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken.” In this case it takes a weird man to make a useless hero.

Of course you can’t just have a do-nothing hero wandering about, especially when zombies are everywhere. So Mr. Price gives our non-hero a wonderful cast of supporting characters. Each of these characters makes up for one or more of Captain Rescue’s many character flaws.

I have to admit something embarrassing here. I grew up and matured into puberty watching bad science fiction and horror movies on late-night television. In that time I gained a perhaps overly active affection for evil females. The character of Dr. Malevolent stirs well the longings of my youth. A powerful, intelligent woman dressed in leather and carrying a big stick…I need a moment alone.

So, to the details, they’re not important. The book is silly, some stuff makes no sense, but it is thoroughly enjoyable. If you are not a fan of do-nothing heroes this book will not win you over to the genre, but if you’re looking for a pile of silliness this is your book.


Author: Tom
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