Retro retro Beetle on eBay

This retro retro Beetle is an old car made to look like an older car.

VW’s have been made to look like lots of different cars but outside dune buggies this style is my favorite.

The main reason is that it looks so right. The hood, the lights, the sun visor, all look like they belong on the car. There is no disproportion like when the Rolls Royce grill is pasted onto the front of a beetle.

The only problem I have with this example are those rear-view mirrors on the nose. Did any car ever have mirrors that far forward?

From a practical angle, that bulgey hood should allow for quite a bit more luggage space. And if you don’t like the idea of your fancy luggage sitting on top of the gas tank, that roof luggage rack looks like it could handle a trunk or two.

One odd reaction I have to this car is that it looks so right sitting in the snow. Like it doesn’t belong to a sunny day.

I also keep picturing it being driven by a young Julie London with a period-correct David Niven in the passenger seat. (But that’s my problem.)


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Author: Tom
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