soccer game

At what point does this chapter of my life end? Is there an end, or are there many streams pulling each other together and apart? Do these streams direct us, or do we direct them?

I have goals, but they are vague and only half-heartedly worked at. They are more like things I’d like to do if the opportunity presented itself. I recently learned about one of the main reasons behind my approach to such things. I am now developing the mental tools to overcome this, but to what end?

Is it time to take responsibility for making and achieving goals?

My goals:

I want to own a real race car

Reconnecting with all my old friends

Finding new friends

Figuring out what I’m trying to accomplish with my animations
(Just having fun is acceptable)

Writing a novel that I’d want to read.

Going on a really long bike ride. (Like days long)

My dreams:

Being recognized in a bar for my writing (good or bad)

Hearing, “Wow, you’re fast for an old guy.”

So how do I go about reaching these goals and dreams? Are they all within my grasp? Yes, they are. Everything listed above can be broken down into little baby steps. There are roadblocks to be sure, but they are all achievable. That is, if I make an honest effort at them.

More importantly, these goals should be fun to work towards. After all; If it’s not fun, what’s the point?