Real rat rod on eBay

rat rodA rat road that looks roadable

Like Top Gear’s test for fastest lap inclusion, a rat rod should be able to navigate a speed bump without major scrapage.

There are some wonderful touches. The cam shaft cross bar is a great touch. The red wheels with the complementary yellow shocks is a bold and successful design choice.

My favorite feature is the door handles. Having one such handle would have been a nice touch, but having four matching handles, brilliant.

Finally, there is the piece of resistance, the gas tank. Personally I like the old beer keg as a gas tank milieu. However, Sticking on the back bumper makes a Pinto seem safe.

Five day to go and the bid is still under $5000 with no pesky reserve to worry about.

See full listing: Essex Sedan

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Author: Tom
Writer, cyclist, RVer, etc.