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Rare-O-Rama Chrysler on eBay

Rare-O-Rama ChryslerSome cars are rare, but only a few are Rare-O-Rama!

If I had a garage, or maybe even a driveway, I would be way tempted to obtain this car.

A 1927 Chrysler from Uruguay? That alone would make this a buy. Add in the right-hand steering, the funky radiator cap and pretty much the whole jalopyness of it all and you’ve got a joymobile for the ages.

Make no mistake, this car needs work. The seller states that the engine and transmission are leaking fluids. That may be fixed by some new gaskets and elbow grease, or it may be a sign of something about-to-be terminal.

Whoever’s been working on this is rather inventive though far from period correctness. Though if I were going to drive this car around I’d probably prefer the modernized brakes to pre-safety laws whatever that originally attempted to stop this vehicle.

Five days to go with no bids yet. The opening bid is $5000, which seems quite high. It’s worth that and probably more, but funky cars like this usually need a low opening bid to prime the pump.

If you look at the listing you will see that the frame for the top is included, but only has a few shreds of fabric so it will need a complete redo. I’m thinking cheetah spotted pleather.

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Tags: - Author: Tom - Published: January 8, 2016


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