Random Thoughts

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This Week In Random Thoughts

  • If you’re going to write about Donald Trump’s speech glitches, perhaps you should check your own writing for typos. (Happened in three different articles from two different websites.)

  • Speaking of Sponge Don, he actually told the crowd in Las Vegas that he doesn’t care about them. He just wants the votes. Yes, he said that.

  • The Federalist, a right-wing purveyor of hate, attacked Dolly Parton for not hating gay people. Not the best approach if you’re after public support. What’s next? Attacking Jimmy Carter’s house building skills.

  • According to a cycling writer I follow, it is possible to move an entire house full of furniture using just bicycles. If you know 23 people who own cargo bikes and are willing to volunteer their weekend to carry all your crap for you.

  • Yes, in primitive states, electric cars are powered, ultimately, by fossil fuels. However, in states like California, they are powered by the sun, wind and water. As it should be.

  • One of my favorite hobbies has been ruined. I’ve been watching the havoc wrecked upon Donald Trump’s stock by the short sellers. The massive sells and buys causing Maverick’s size changes in value. Now, with the latest attempt to get the SEC to let Trump dump his shares, the fun’s all over. Down down down. Every day down.

  • Today on Twitter, formerly X, I got followed by Dolly Parton. Not the real Dolly Parton. A fake Dolly Parton account written by someone with little knowledge of the English language. I love the internet.

  • So Republicans are upset that Hunter Biden was found guilty? Not because they think he’s innocent, but because he wasn’t charged with what they wanted him to be charged with. Which he wasn’t charged because after years of trying, they found no evidence. Evidence is key when taking people to court.