Qualified Politicians - Word Blobs

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There’s an election this week in Virginia. The political ads, on both sides, are the worst I’ve ever seen. They contain no facts at all. I only saw one where the candidate listed actual qualifications.

I have no idea who any of theses people are. Sure, I agree with the sentiments of about half of them and I disagree with about half of them. This does not mean anything though. I agree with myself nearly all the time, but I am severely unqualified to hold political office.

So I went online to research these people. That helped a little.

One state delegate candidate spent eight years as a city council member. That makes them pretty qualified.

Several candidates, again on both sides, brag about their military service, which is admirable, but not directly applicable to the positions to which they aspire.

The moral of the story is; Don’t vote for someone because they seem nice and agree with you.