Puppy and Jury

Lost Puppy

We got to babysit a lost puppy yesterday. The dogs were in heaven at first but the puppy’s infinite energy soon got annoying. Fortunately we found the owners before we took it to the shelter.

Jury Duty

On my way to jury duty, as I approached the courthouse, an ambulance pulled up. The EMTs got out and pulled the stretcher out of the back. Only there was a man already on it. They took that man into the courthouse.

I had a dream last night that the defendant in the case was the daughter of my odd neighbors from across the street. I was dismissed. Wishful thinking?

On Tuesday they picked the twelve jurors. Wednesday we had to go back to pick the two alternates. I got put on the hot seat but knew they weren’t going to pick me. I even told the woman sitting next to me that I would be the first rejected by the lawyers. I was right.


A family in crisis is like having a group of people put together a puzzle with everyone bringing their own pieces. No matter how good the intentions there will be insults and hurt feelings. I just hope at the end of this dark tunnel we can return to our previous state of tolerant indifference.

Random Thoughts

Yelling at a deaf dog is not productive. So why do I continue to do it?

Still waiting for Racoon Land to be a thing.

The problem with the bad guys in my stories is that they know they’re bad guys.

It’s a wise man who can win an argument with a fool, but a wiser man who doesn’t bother.

Author: Tom
Writer, cyclist, RVer, etc.