At what point is a race car no longer a car?

no longer a carThis formerly Harley-powered 3/4 midget is no longer a car.

Though it could be once again if it comes into possession of a person with unlimited mechanical ability and absolutely no understanding of the concept of fear of failure.

Currently it appears that nature is well on its way to victory over this assemblage of metal bits and pieces.

My special interest in this car is that I’m a huge Crosley fan and back in the day Harley and Crosley 750cc engines battled for supremacy in the 3/4 ranks. So much creativity and engineering went in to squeezing every last bit of speed out of these tiny-motored machines. Which is what makes me so sad to see one in this sad condition.

Unfortunately I don’t have the tools, the talent or the resources to save it. Also, it’s in Indiana so the transportation would cost more than the car would be worth after fixing it up.

With three days to go the current bid is $275 with no reserve so hopefully it will be going to a good home.

I should mention that 3/4 midget continues to this day, often on indoor tracks which creates a wonderful overload of sites, sounds and speed.

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Author: Tom
Writer, cyclist, RVer, etc.