Plumbing Envy

plumbing maze

So here's the deal. I'm annoyed with myself that I didn't know how to fix the leaky water pump, even though I've never before encountered a leaky water pump.

On discovering the problem, I quickly found the general area of the leak. I was also able to determine that unhooking the park water and using just the pump kept leaking to a minimum.

I then researched the plumbing and pump and decided to just replace everything. I bought a couple small parts that didn't need replacing, so now I have spares. I need to convince myself that I didn't waste that $18.

Pulling apart the old water pump showed me that it really did need replacing. Rebuilding the pump would have been nearly impossible, and would have taken tracking down the little parts and trying to fit them to the old pump.

There is no more water on the floor. The leak is fixed. I done good. I need to let myself accept and believe that.

Now I have the slide out to worry about. I've done the research and I should be able to fix it, but I would need certain tools, a safe place to work on it, and a period of time where the RV wasn't being used. All things I don't have. So, let the pros tackle this one. Unless...