Random Thought

Reality is pretty much a pass/fail operation.

The Ball

The phoenix came to the party dressed as a peacock. The eyes on his borrowed feathers saw the truth of…

RVers are and asphalt-based life form

The Open Door

Walk past the open door Don’t even look inside that door is not for you Maybe the next door or…

Word of the Week

Dystopiary – bushes made to look like post-apocalyptic killer robots

You can’t argue with logicians. Mostly because they’re not allowed out in public much.

Russian Dash Cam Crash Video – The Drinking Game

Hello, my name is Tom and I’m a dash cam crash video addict. Rather than suffering in silence I have…

Bumper cars at the kart track

This past Sunday was the K1 league night. Several of the drivers took it upon themselves to rattle my bones….

Jackson Pollock died in an Oldsmobile convertible. James Dean, in a Porsche. Ernie Kovacs, in a Chevy station wagon. Why…

So many minds are so full of memories that there is no room for dreams.