Irving's replacement

Tom Week – Irving Sad

7/1/20 – Irving is Gone So I don’t need to buy the parts to fix my bike, because the bike…

bad dream catcher

100 Words – Bad Dream Catcher

As a means to revenge on her cheating asshole of a boyfriend she sliced his dream catcher in two. His…

medical tourism - hospital sign

Tom Week – Medical Tourism

6/25/20 – Medical Tourism Medical tourism is when you go somewhere for purely for medical reasons. You probably figured that…

Dr. Socket

Dr. Socket – Where’s Katy

Plow, Charles and the not-so-good doctor discuss cool-aid, nunicide, grammar and most of all, where’s Katy. #animation #DrSocket


100 Words – Trophy

The huge trophy appeared to be of polished silver, when viewed from 30 feet. The closer you got, the more…

lawyers in the fog

Tom Week – Fog

6/19/20 – In The Fog Again We are parked on the far edge of the country. It’s foggy, overcast and…

Hey Bob

Hey Bob – Monkey Head

Bob and Lorrie try to make sense of a senseless world. #animation #heybob #monkeyhead

waste transfer station

100 Words – Transfer Station

The woman with the clipboard met me at the transfer station gate. My little pickup truck was out of place…

home on wheels

Tom Week – Movable Home

6/11/20 – Oddly At Home We lived so long in California that it still seems oddly like home. We are…

prelude to Dr. Socket

Dr. Socket vs. The Post Office

Charles the Ax Bunny has a score to settle with the Post Office. His malevolent therapist, Dr. Socket, tries to…