Clyde's pride

Dr. Socket – Pride Bad

Dr. Socket and the group discuss Clyde’s pride and his relatively small kill count.

Happy New Year Garlic

Tom Week – Happy New Year

12/31/20 – Happy New Year Well, the Catholic guilt again rears its ugly head. Everyone is sighing relief at the…

Clayman in traffic

Clayman – Playing In Traffic

Clayman’s daily run is interrupted by an insolent traffic signal. This is another “school” project. I’m learning to animate and…

man in screen

100 Words – Screens

I live my life online. A citizen of the screens. My existence is expressed through phone, tablet, laptop and digital…

Gus Flies

Meet Gus

Gus is my first fully human 3D character. This is a quick test of motion, shadow and textured terrain. It’s…

Christmas - Gilroy bike path

Tom Week – Gilroy Christmas

12/24/20 – Christmas Eve in Gilroy Got to go shopping today and buy a few gifts for the family. I…

Dr. Socket

Dr. Socket – Forgiveness

Dr. Socket and the gang discuss the mechanisms of forgiveness Never miss another Dr. Socket video. Subscribe to Tom’s YouTube…

toxic coworker

100 words – Toxic

I tried to work with him but his toxic personality prevented any form of cooperation. He committed every business sin…

my new friend

Tom Week – Pismo to Gilroy

12/17/20 – Pismo Mellow This is one of those weird places where I’m automatically shifted into relax mode. Nothing needs…

sand storms

100 Words – Sand Storms

The nomads gathered at the oasis to wait out the sand storms. A few knew each other from past seasons…