100 Words – Criminal

Clyde considered himself a true criminal. He believed in crime. No excuses, no apologies. No sympathy for his victims. Though…



Gus has a mirror-induced identity crisis.

insane sheep

Tom Week – Visiting Insane

1/28/21 – Insane Work Done It’s still raining. We are all stuck inside. I did however get an insane amount…


100 Words – Junkyard Beer

The first beer Smiley ever drank was one he found at the junkyard in the glove compartment of a 68…

Charles expresses envy

Dr. Socket – Envy

Charles the Psycho Bunny is jealous of Lana’s affection for Clyde. Will his attempts to tear them apart succeed? And,…


Tom Week – Rain

1/21/21 – The Clam Is White Yesterday when we arrived, the giant clam at the park entrance was still painted…

Clayman's Inferno - Prologue title screen

Clayman’s Inferno – Prologue

Clayman is about to take the journey of his life, or perhaps death. Join him as he ventures through hell…

solutions unfound

100 Words – Solutions

Smiley wandered the cold town. He couldn’t go home yet. He wasn’t up to Martha giving him the silent treatment….

Dr. Socket - Lust

Dr. Socket – Lust

A new member of the extreme violence support group upsets the balance and libidos of the male members.

abigail hiding

Tom Week – Inauguration Week

1/14/21 – New Rental Car Turned in the Mustang today and picked up a Honda Civic. Being the freak I…