100 Words – Watermelon

Last night I had a dream that I was planting a flower bed, but nothing would grow except watermelons. Whatever…

Gila Bend Restaurant

Tom Week – Tucson to Winterhaven

11/26/20 – Strange Angels The strange angels are here in Tucson and looking out for me. Before my bike ride…

Dr. Socket

Dr. Socket Meets Clyde

A new patient for Dr. Socket.

road trip companion

100 Words – Road Trip

The road trip took ten hours, not six. My friend talked the whole time about the difference between satori and…

Willcox, not Lordburg

Tom Week – Lordsburg to Tucson

11/19/20 – Welcome to Lordsburg We’ve been here before. Twenty miles from Arizona but deep in the heart of New…

Clyde Hates

Clyde Hates …

Clyde hates many things, including himself. Tonight though, he has found a special outlet for his hatred.

stoic man

100 Words – Stoic

The funniest man I ever met was an unrelenting stoic. He never laughed. He never smiled. He never pet the…

roadrunner near Artesia

Tom Week – Artesia to Las Cruces

11/12/20 – Adventures in Artesia We are in Artesia New Mexico. The first town I’ve ever seen that has an…


Hey Bob – Bunnies

Bob and Lorry fall into yet another alternate universe. Things go about as well as expected.

the apology van

100 Words – Apology

The police officer sympathized when I explained that I was deipnophobic, the fear of eating in public, and had to…