100 Words – Desert Friends

I thought the desert would be a lonely place. I have more friends here than I ever had in any…

metal horse seen on long bike ride

Tom Week – Long Bike Ride

2/11/21 – Twenty Miles around Visalia Unintentionaly long bike ride today. I stopped to take a break at what I…

plow expresses his gluttony

Dr. Socket – Gluttony

The good doctor tries to help Plow with his eating disorder, while Charles tries, but fails, to help.Another in the…


100 Words – Those Eyes

She had the voice of a crow and sang with the melody of a drunken priest falling down the stairs,…

Geese, not roosters

Tom Week – Geese, Roosters, Etc.

2/4/21 – Geek Orthodox Ground Hog Day I went for a surprising bike ride today. Surprising that I made it…


100 Words – Criminal

Clyde considered himself a true criminal. He believed in crime. No excuses, no apologies. No sympathy for his victims. Though…



Gus has a mirror-induced identity crisis.

insane sheep

Tom Week – Visiting Insane

1/28/21 – Insane Work Done It’s still raining. We are all stuck inside. I did however get an insane amount…


100 Words – Junkyard Beer

The first beer Smiley ever drank was one he found at the junkyard in the glove compartment of a 68…

Charles expresses envy

Dr. Socket – Envy

Charles the Psycho Bunny is jealous of Lana’s affection for Clyde. Will his attempts to tear them apart succeed? And,…