big trees

Tom Week – The Big Trees

7/16/20 – Crescent City Rolls Turns out that there is no such thing as Crescent City Rolls. How can you…

Hey Bob

Hey Bob – Fun With Machines

Bob really “likes” machines. Lorry, not so much. #heybob #machines

farm couple

100 Words – Farmers Lonely

She dreams of a small farm with horses, baby goats and exotic birds. He dreams of driving a pickup truck…

Albion River Bridge

Tom Week – On bikes and a bridge

7/9/20 – Bike Shopping With Mr. Ed It took a while but I figured out how to hook Irving’s “shopping”…


100 Words – Bucket Drip

Drip. A drop in the bucket. Drip, drip, drip. More drops in the bucket. Another pint and she’ll be empty,…

Dr. Socket's Potential

Dr. Socket – Unmet Potential

Dr. Socket is not living up to his potential for evil. More Dr. Socket Videos #DrSocket #potential  

Irving's replacement

Tom Week – Irving Sad

7/1/20 – Irving is Gone So I don’t need to buy the parts to fix my bike, because the bike…

bad dream catcher

100 Words – Bad Dream Catcher

As a means to revenge on her cheating asshole of a boyfriend she sliced his dream catcher in two. His…

medical tourism - hospital sign

Tom Week – Medical Tourism

6/25/20 – Medical Tourism Medical tourism is when you go somewhere for purely for medical reasons. You probably figured that…

Dr. Socket

Dr. Socket – Where’s Katy

Plow, Charles and the not-so-good doctor discuss cool-aid, nunicide, grammar and most of all, where’s Katy. #animation #DrSocket