100 Words – Whose Books?

Smiley has a large bookcase of borrowed books. They were placed in chronological order of when he obtained them. He…


Dr. Socket – Election Special

The extreme violence support group plans the future direction of the country.

Sunset not in Lubbock

Tom Week – Lubbock to Del Rio

10/22/20 – Lubbock by the Highway Lubbock is the birthplace of Buddy Holly. This closes the circle because I once…

cottonwood witch

100 Words – Cottonwood

I walked twice to the left around the cottonwood tree. I felt like a fool, but what did I have…

Oklahoma tin man

Tom Week – Oklahoma To Texas

10/15/20 – Boise City Oklahoma We’re at Wild Bill’s RV Park in Boise City Oklahoma. It is tiny, tacky and…

industrial archaeology

100 Words – Industrial Archaeology

Some call it junk-picking. I call it an Industrial Archaeology. Someone needs to document for future generations the bizarre habits…

Liberty in Colorado

Tom Week – Colorado

10/8/20 – Colorado Springs Unsprung After so long in the boonies, the big city is culture shock. They have TV…

hungry Junction

Hey Bob – Hungry Junction

Bob and Lorry are transported to my newly created 3D town, Hungry Junction. There are once again ungrateful for the…

rusty dinosaur

100 Words – Rusty Dinosaurs

Her shop was guarded by rusty dinosaurs. They told me it would be. But no words could not prepare me…

Horses in Valentine

Tom Week – Happy Valentine

9/30/20 – Valentine Nebraska Today we drove from South Dakota to Nebraska. We passed through the eastern end of The…