need desire LED signage

100 Words – Desire

Pray for me, object of my deepest desire. Lift me from my dungeon. Be the light at the end of…

tunnel, not in Coos Bay

Tom Week – Coos Bay to Sea-Tac

8/13/20 – Coos Bay Chin Masks One of my favorite things about Coos Bay is that it has a lot…

Unwritten novel

100 Words – No Novel

Raul spent his life under the illusion that he would one day write a novel. Toward this endeavor he exerted…

Abigail in Fortuna

Tom Week – Fortuna to Coos

8/7/20 – Fortuna “Oh, Fortuna, blind, heedless goddess, I am strapped to your wheel…” “I’m not a fatalist, but if…

A close-up of a rusty metal knob on a green strongbox

100 Words – The Box

Among the rubble of the demolished building was a safe. Inside the safe was a large sealed box. I don’t…

bike gears

Tom Week – Bike Work

7/30/20 – Bike Work Day I changed the gears on my bike and now it’s much easier to ride. I’m…

Hey Bob

Hey Bob – Bunny Bugs

Bob’s simulation has some unexpected consequences. #heybob #bunnybugs  

shallow focus photo of brown glass bottle

100 Words – Potvalor

She fed him sausages and homemade beer. Both were strong. Soon they were both full and drunk. Potvalor, her mother…

ocean sunset

Tom Week – at the ocean

7/23/20 – I see the ocean We’re back in Pacifica. This time we’re parked with a view of the ocean….

water baby ocean

100 Words – Water Baby

She was born a water baby. Even at just a crawl she sought out water. Puddles, then streams, rivers, lakes…