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my bike

Bike Goals (Word Blob)

accomplishing vs. doing Everyone says that you need goals. Doesn’t matter for what. Everything needs goals or you will never…

neon sign

Tom Week - Movie!

8/18/22 – Movie Prep Worked out details today with the wardrobe person for the movie. This is so much fun!…

hospital room

100 Words - Com(m)a

Time flies when your in a coma. Though whoever filled out the chart spelled it wrong. I woke up in…

Tom and Spencer

Tom Week - Dog Gone

8/11/22 – Super Moon I almost went for a bike ride today, but didn’t. Spencer is fading slowly. A dragonfly…


100 Words - Bad Mirrors

Carl worried when his reflection stopped copying him. First it was subtle motions that may or may not have happened.

Tom Week - Odd Week

8/4/22 – Back In The Driveway Back in the heat. In the 90’s again for the next several days. Who…