Not your grandfather’s Studebaker

Or maybe it is. I don’t know your grandfather, or his Studebaker.

StudebakerWhen most people think of Studebaker, they probably don’t think of dragsters. Though I imagine that these days most people don’t think of Studebaker all that much.

However, in the dying decades of Studebaker there were many experiments with design and performance. The wild Hawk series and the even wilder Avanti stretched the limits of taste with varying success.

On the other end of the spectrum the lowly Lark got shoe-horned with some impressive hardware. The trick being that if you can put a straight six in a var, you can easily fit a V-8. The little Lark with an 8-banger was a spritely ride. (For the time that is.)

Often purists complain that at the end of the run Studebaker was using Chevy engines. For me though the 289 was a great engine and this blue beauty has one stretched to the very limit of not exploding. I’m not sure this car would be any good on the street and probably not the fastest on the track either, but neither would be the point.

This car is one of several Studes that were recently pulled out of storage. They are all interesting but for their condition the reserves are pretty high. The seller has a buy-it-now price of $8,000 which would be fine if it had been used a bit more over the last few years.

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Author: Tom
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