No Defense For Ron

politician with baby

I’ve been spending time in Florida watching the prep work the Ron DeSantis presidential run. This was going to write a piece on how Ron should never be allowed to be president, but found that’s already been done many times, with the same arguments I have. What I did notice though is that no matter which side they’re on, nobody defends Ron DeSantis.

Obviously, from the left, they have no desire to defend him. However, on the right, they also do not defend him. They do attack the left for attacking Ron, but they never say why they support Ron, other than he’s not on the left.

The annoying part is, Ron is defendable. He does do good things. He works hard for his state. I disagree with many of his actions, but for the most part he’s making an honest effort. So why does the right-leaning media not trumpet his accomplishments?

A great example of what I’m talking about is this article I read in the National Review.

The best I can come up with, and this is very biased, is that there are so many right wing politicians that are beyond defense, that they’ve just developed that habit of attacking the attacker, rather than promoting the candidate. (See Hershel Walker, Dr. Oz, etc.)

So when the left says, “Ron abuses his power to punish his critics,” the right responds with, “What about the Biden family corruption?” Instead they could counter with all the times Ron worked with the people across the aisle to get things done.

Actually, what all this reveals is a problem with most political dysfunction, left and right. People who “know” they’re correct, have no desire or need to “prove” it. I had this problem with the Green Party people in Iowa, as well as several Republicans. Of course, each side declares that the other side is worse.

Basically, the thinking is, “You didn’t have my life experiences. Therefor I’m right and you’re wrong.” This is of course nonsense. We all have valid points of view. There is no “correct” upbringing. All voices should be heard. All backgrounds are different. Whether we heed those voices is another matter.

I will not be voting for Ron. I dislike his authoritarian tendencies. Florida leads the country in uninsured children. His attempts at removing from education the viewpoint of women, gays and people of color are counter to my beliefs.

I should note that I voted against Biden in the primaries, but when it came to Trump or Biden there was no choice for me but to go with Biden.

I would like to point out one good thing that Ron did, or at least his lawyers. In order to fight against “woke” teachers, they had to define for the court what woke was. There answer was;

"The belief there are systemic injustices in American society and the need to address them."

This is the best definition I ever heard. The problem is that they think this is insulting and false. The poor fools.