New Year Goals 2022

foggy farm road

Finish the new novel

After a long time working on the outline for the novel, I worked myself into a dead end. I went back and rearranged things and I think it’s fixed. So now I’m doing actual writing, and am enjoying it much more.

1500 miles on the bike

I did 1500 miles in 2020, but my accident kept me off the bike for quite a bit, but still managed 1000 miles in 2021. For 2022 I want to do at least 1500 again.

More go kart racing

I need more adrenaline in my life. The tricky part is finding an RV park within biking distance of a kart track.

More visits to friends

I’m a bad friend. I’m the out of sight, out of mind kind of person. This year I’m going to try to visit more friends and relatives. If you see this and wouldn’t mind a visit, let me know.

Spend more time with people

The nomadic life is not compatible with maintaining contact with people, especially for an introvert like myself. I am doing better at socializing, but I’m currently in a covid-crazy area. As soon as we’re in a better area I need to get out there more.

Have fun

Happiness is important.