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Never have I coveted a car so much
Unfortunately I have no garage and can’t afford what the shipping would cost.

This car is a tinkerer’s wet dream. Its history stretches across more than a century, but because it doesn’t fit what the mainstream car folks would not call coolectible. So its value is far below what a name brand from the same era would demand. To me though it’s much more interesting than any mass-produced contraption.


For the details; It started life as a horse drawn buggy built by the Moon Brothers. While the brothers did later go into the car business, they built the cars from scratch rather than converting their buggies. Sometime later someone motorized it and added the most elaborate drivetrain I have ever seen. Much later than that someone replaced the old engine with a Briggs and Stratton and tried to make it modern road-worthy. My guess is it started with a Wisconsin engine because most of the identifiable parts are from the upper midwest, and the Wisconsin was a favorite of tinkerers.

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- Author: Tom - Published: March 7, 2014


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