Mecum Seattle June 13 – 14, What I’m Watching (updated results)

Mecum brings its muscle car menagerie to the Pacific Northwest full of the usual suspects
but with a couple oddballs that caught my eye.

Lot F153
1961 Mercury Comet Wagon (No Reserve)
Exterior paint is awesome and has matching mostly original vintage interior (I love the phrase, “mostly original.”)
My grandfather bought a Mercury Comet two-door sedan in 1961 and had it until he died over 20 years later. Straight 6 with a three-on-the-tree, what more could you want. His was grey but had the same red interior.
My estimate: 5-7K
Result: $6000 (Nailed it!)

1980 Plymouth Arrow Pickup
Has all the options I can think of. Old pickups have jumped in value, mostly American but older Toyotas have started to creep up in price. I don’t know know if it’s time yet for little old Mitsubishis to jump on the bandwagon. However, if any are it would be this example.
My Estimate: 4K-6K
Result: Reserve not met at $14,000 (Did not nail this one.)

Lot F255.1

2007 Maserati Quattroporte
This is a tough one because the car is just so cool, and by technical definition is a muscle car, but it just doesn’t seem to fit with its auction surroundings. That could be a good thing. It sticks out. On eBay these go for 30K or so. I’m not sure which way it will go, but I think if the bidding goes past 25K it won’t stop till about 35K.
Result: $37,500 (I was just a bit short on this one.)

Lot S67

1986 Zimmer Golden Spirit
There are cars I like. There are cars I don’t like. Then there are ones like the Zimmer. I become physically ill and weep for the future of humanity when I am forced to realize that there are people with so little taste or self-esteem that they purchase these monstrosities. I don’t even mind that it’s just a mid 80’s Ford piece of crap with shiny bits bolted on. The problem is what was charged and paid for the shiny pieces of crap. I have no idea what this will sell for but I will have a vomit bag and suicide hotline number standing by just in case.
Result: Reserve not met at $29,000 (I weep for humanity.)

Lot S86

1949 Triumph 2000 Roadster
Here in America we think of Triumph as a lower-end sports car maker. Models like the Spitfire and TR7 were capable and fun little cars, but not all that special. However, right after WWII, the Triumph Roadsters were designed to take a bite out of Jaguars market share. It was a good car but couldn’t compete with Jaguar’s design and engineering steamroller. Overshadowing aside, the 2000 is a wonderful little car that couldn’t be bettered for a relaxing ride in the country. Based on recent sales and how nice this red beauty looks, I’m guestimating that it will go for about 40K.
Result: Reserve not met at $42,000 (I guess I think more like a bidder than a seller.)

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