Mecum Auction, Harrisburgh, Jul 24 – What I’m Watching (Updated with Results)

The odd thing is all the cars that catch my eye go up on Thursday. Wonder why?

t57 – 1963 Ford Econoline Pickup
170 CI, 3-Speed
Custom beer keg fuel tank
Twice I almost bought one of these. Both times I backed out because I judged it to be a mostly usesless vehicle. Less rugged than a real pickup truck and less practical than a van. Judging from how few of them were built and sold I’m guessing that I hold a popular opinion. The good thing about useless vehicles is that as time passes they often become rare and cool.
My estimate is about $15,000
Result: $6,500 (My worst estimate EVER!)

t92 – 1976 AMC PacerĀ 
258 CI, Factory Air
The AMC Pacer was designed and built to be one thing, then was marketed as something that it wasn’t. The end result is one of the most maligned cars ever built. The 258 is one of my favorite engines, powering three of my previous vehicles, but strap on the mid 70’s emissions crap and and air conditioner and your left with no power and worse gas mileage.
On the other hand, it has cool wheels.
Pacers have been doing well at auctions lately and this seems like a nice one.
Estimate: $12,000
Result: $14,250 (I guess the wheels were even cooler than assumed.)

t180 – 1980 Triumph TR8 ConvertibleĀ 
Another car suffering from unrealistic expectations. Yes, it’s a British roadster with what was originally an American V-8, but no, this ain’t no Cobra. The wedgie style of the TR-7 was too different from it’s ancestors. It just didn’t have the aura of the traditional sports car. This would have been forgiven if the car was exceptional, but it wasn’t. In an attempt
to boost sales British Leyland stuffed in some of the 3.5 lite V-8’s that had laying around. This engine started life as an early 60’s Buick but was too small for the muscle car era so it got farmed out to England. The end result was a pretty decent car, but again, not amazing enough to spark much interest.
With the low mileage this may go for as much as $15,000
Result: $13,000 (Probably would have gone higher if it had cooler wheels.)

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