Maserati Quattroporte on eBay

Maserati QuattroporteThe third generation Maserati Quattroporte is my favorite Maserati ever. I know, that’s weird. Out of all the magnificent machines they built over the decades I fall in love with their boxiest, un-sportiest car.

I think though that rather than comparing it against other big luxury cars of the time. When put next to a contemporary Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedes or Cadillac the Quattropore is way cooler.

When they came out I assumed that I would never be able to afford one. They were too expensive and I assumed the value would only increase with time. I was way wrong on that one. For some reason many of the people who bought them, at the first sign on any issue, parked them in a field somewhere.

So you wind up with two types of Quattroportes for sale. On rare occasions you find pristine examples priced in the nose bleed zone, but more often you find the ones like this that have been sitting and rotting for a long time, for sale for a very tempting price.

The problem with that tempting price is that with the work needed the end cost will probably exceed what you would spend on a clean one. After all, how often do you see ads for discount Maserati Parts.

And don’t even think of buying two junkers to make one good one. You will that both have exactly the same things wrong with them. Unless you find the mystical pot of gold of a perfect body with a blown engine and another with a perfect engine that was rear-ended by a semi.

So with 3 days to go the current bid is $999. Someone please bid or I may have to have a difficult talk with my wife. After all, I could learn body work…

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Author: Tom
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