The Man In The Mirror – 100 words

The man in the mirror scared the shit out of me.

All I wanted was a silly selfie of my just-out-of-the-shower hair. I pointed the camera and there was a weird green flash and this appeared on my phone’s screen.

I took another picture and it came out normal. Though my shower hair wasn’t as funny as I’d hoped.

I keep looking at the weird picture. It’s definitely me but what am I wearing? Goggles and a head lamp like I’m some kind of urban spelunker. What strange adventure is calling to me from the other side of the mirror?

Author: Tom
Writer, cyclist, RVer, etc.

2 thoughts on “The Man In The Mirror – 100 words

  1. You look like Tom Waits in his “Going Out West” video and you know it!!!
    AND it was featured in the movie “Fight Club” (a Cult Classic about Dual Personalities…. Hmmm)
    …But your Going Back East!?! Where, When, and Why??? Tell us more.

    1. Yes, the spirits have said, “Go east old man.” Selling the house, in a couple months, and setting off in the RV to explore the country. Eventually settling on the East Coast somewhere between the snow and the hurricanes.

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