Lost Friends

people on a couch

If you chip away everything that isn’t your self, all that you will have left is your self.

If you’ve never done this it may sound like a good idea. Having stripped away everything I find myself cold and alone. Along with all the bad stuff went all the good stuff.

I’ve cut every one of my friends out of my life. Most won’t notice because I was a pretty shitty friend to begin with.

Some won’t notice because our interactions have shrunk to the point of nostalgia.

Others are very angry with me and have stated so.

Some have probably forgotten that we were friends.

The rest wait patiently till I circle round to being sociable again. I hope.

In response to these feelings I have started a plan to reconnect with my old friends. It’s going to take some time though. I’m at the point where I don’t trust my own emotions. I’m over-analyzing everything and thus am very annoying to be around.