Listen To The Universe

road closed sign

When your newly rebuilt engine breaks down, the universe is trying to tell you something.

The story is longer than that though. It started with the first breakdown. It was a hassle getting the RV off the highway, then finding a place to fix it, then getting it to the repair place, then waiting four months till the rebuilt engine came.

At the time, people told me it was a sign to quit, but I was too stubborn to believe them.

Then the misfire started happening. I found a workaround.

Then the exhaust pipe got crunched. I cut it off and kept going.

Then the noise began, and the engine lost power. I limped it as far as I could, but finally had to give in.

Now it’s being fixed again, and I’m sure it will run fine, but the doubt is planted. I will be overly suspicious of every noise. I will always worry that it will break down again.

The problem is...what’s the alternative? Do we settle down, or do we change our approach?

If we buy a travel trailer and a pickup truck to pull it, that will separate the mobility and livability. If the truck breaks down, we still have a place to live. If the trailer needs service, we can still get around.

Settling down would seem to be the easiest solution, but are we ready to do that?