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Kissel was a good car killed by the depression

Once a mighty builder of trucks for the military and sports cars for Hollywood stars, the Kissel was too small and specialized to survive the big crash. To make matters worse it tried to save itself by building the unworkable lever engine. Basically an engine with two pistons running off a single crank with a lever connecting them. Yikes.

Most pictures of Kissels back in the day showed a golf bag mounted on the fender. That should tell you something about the target audience. They weren’t as fast or powerful as Dusenburgs and the like but they looked cool. They also left the driver more exposed to the elements. That looked cool but required a warn dry climate to fully enjoy.

One odd thing popped up in my research. I found a reference from the 30’s calling the Kissel roadster a “lesbian car.” The list of known female owners shows several very strong women. I have the feeling the author I read had a typical societal bias towards softer women, hence the sexist analysis.

If you look at the eBay listing be sure to look at all the pictures. Some show past conditions and some show a restored example. The stripped down and raggedy pictures are the current state of the car.

The seller states that the car is running with good sheet metal. The car was in the middle of a conversion to a roadster when the owner died. The project is being sold mid build.

With three days to go the bid is at $7700 with reserve not met.

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