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K1 Speed SF League – Round 2

Oh the fun you’ll have. Unless of course you’re a self-entitled asshole.

First, the important details: I qualified 11th, which is much lower than I did in round 1, but the competition was much stronger this time. I finished the race in 9th, matching my place in the last race, which puts me in 9th place in the championship.

My best time wasn’t any better than last week, but it wasn’t worse either. However, just like round 1, events in the first lap put me down in the order. This time I wound up in 12th place at the restart. Apparently being the first to respond to a yellow flag is a bad thing. Anyway I set off and managed to work my way up to 9th. Not bad.

Second. I had fun. In fact most people had fun. There were however a couple people who didn’t understand that they were supposed to be having fun. They were under the impression that this was some sort of professional race and when the daily-battered rental karts did not live up to their high standards they made asses of themselves.

Round 3 is in 3 weeks. I’m wondering how many of complainers will be back.

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Tags: - Author: Tom - Published: February 11, 2013


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