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K1 SF Racing League round 4

I didn’t finish last! I came in seventh out of eight. Not great but better than last.

Despite my lowly placing my times were actually the closest to first all year. I was only .6 seconds off the fastest time. Considering he has about a 50 pound advantage that’s not too bad.

As far as point standings I’m now where I was last month in a tie for seventh place. Only now there’s only two of us instead of five.

With two races to go I’ve tried to calculate where I’ll finish overall but since the points vary depending on participants which are different every month I can’t really make an accurate guess. However I have figured out if none of the people ahead of show up for the next two races, both races have 12 racers and I win both, I’ll only finish third in points. Ah well.

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Tags: ,, - Author: Tom - Published: April 11, 2013


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