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K1 SF Kart League Round 3

I actually managed to do better and worse. Quite a feat if you ask me.

For the better part; I finished the race in sixth place. A nice improvement from my previous two ninth places.

For the worse part; There were only six people so I finished last. And because points are based on how many karts there are I scored less points than when I finished ninth and there were twelve racers.

Despite finishing last I didn’t do that badly. My lap times continue to be about a second slower than the fastest drivers even though major changes were made to the track since the last league race.

After the two qualifying sessions I was in fifth place so that’s where I started the race. And once again I was in last place by the end of the first lap. This time I must take half the blame for my predicament. After the first few corners the fourth place kart suddenly stopped dead. The wise thing to do would have been to go wide and around him. Instead I went to the inside and he suddenly got going again and pinched me against the wall. In the mean time the sixth place kart did go wide and got past before I could get off the wall.

I spent the rest of the race trying to get past him. I did momentarily get past when the first and second place karts lapped us. I moved over them on the straight but he pulled over in the corner, half spun and I zoomed past. But two corners later the third place kart was on my tail so I moved over for him, causing me to do a half spin and putting myself back down to sixth.

So I lost, but as usual I had tons of fun. For me nothing is more fun then trying to pass someone and I had plenty of that tonight.

If my calculation are correct I’ve moved up from ninth place in league to seventh. If I manage to race in the remaining three rounds and maybe finish a bit better than ninth or last I can eek out a fair placing series-wise. I think all I need now is to not drop to last in the first lap. Sounds reasonable.


I brought my camera but this is the only picture I got before the battery died.


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Tags: ,, - Author: Tom - Published: March 7, 2013


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