K1 League Feb 14

My first race of the year, having missed the January round due to the flu, and I managed a top ten finish. OK, so there were only ten of us, but that’s still a top ten.

Having not driven a kart since the first weekend in December I was quite rusty. Worst yet was the fact that we were racing the track forward which I haven’t driven for over a year. It took several laps before I got my line and braking to be not woefully slow.

I wasn’t surprised that I finished last. Everyone else was moving quite spritely. My time was only .8 seconds off the fastest. And oddly, my average lap time was the fourth fastest.

The second qualifying session went less well. I wound up in ninth but was actually slower than in the first session. My kart’s front tires were rather new in not worn in too well yet so the kart understeered more than I could cope with. As I’ve said before, understeering is my biggest weakness as a driver. Ah well.

We had a standing start which I love even though my weight is a big disadvantage. As expected the other karts shot away, but as often happens when the first corner is a hairpin, several of the karts got tangled. I tip-toed around the outside and was in 8th by the second corner.

I managed to hold 8th for several laps even though the karts behind me were obviously faster. Finally the ninth place guy got tired of being held up and shoved me wide going into a corner. A few corners later the 10th place guy got by me coming out of the hairpin. A wonderful pass.

Not to blame that kart, but it just didn’t have the umph to keep up with the other karts. It wasn’t all that slow. My best time was only .6 off the winner’s best and my average was only .5 off the winner’s.

So if I’m going to have any chance at placing in the championship I’m going to have to get my game together.

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Author: Tom
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