K1 kart league – October 2013

I didn’t finish second! The curse is broken! After four races in a row in the runner-up spot I finally got out of my rut. Unfortunately, rather than improving position I slipped back to fourth.

The first qualifying session went very well. I finished in fifth but was only .2 seconds behind the fastest time, and only .002 seconds out of fourth.

The second qualifying session went less well. The kart had brand new front tires and was understeering badly. I adjusted my driving style and managed to almost match my first session time. However, the drivers that beat me in the first session all improved on their times.

I started the race in fifth. Unlike the previous few races we had a rolling start instead of a standing start. It didn’t make much difference. After a couple laps I was up to third and setting up for a pass for second. Then they stopped the race. There was some problem with one of the karts so they decided to restart the race.

The new kart wasn’t quite as snappy as the one I had in the first attempt but I was quickly up to fourth. Then they stopped us again. There was a problem with the scoring computer. The driver in second was being shown a lap down. They fixed it and we got going again.

For the next few laps I was right on the tail of the third place kart then he just drove away. I tried to figure out what I was doing wrong then noticed that the tires were no longer squealing in the corners. After a few more laps I didn’t have to lift off the gas for any corner other then the hairpin. Each lap was slower then the previous. I finished in fourth.

With two races to go I’m still leading the championship points but I’m going to have to do a better job if I want to stay there.



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Author: Tom
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