In A Movie

film crew

It’s a campy B horror flick about a cursed hearse. I play the creepy old guy that sells the hearse to the main character. It’s going to be way silly.

I’ve never had so many lines before. Pages of them.

I was in a stage production of Amadeus. Was a background extra in the Hallmark Channel movie Harvest Of Fire. Then I played short stocky guy in the short film Elvis Gets A Haircut. In none of those did I have a line.

Last year I was in Mattress Express. I had two one sentence lines. They both got laughs, but were not consequential to the plot.

Fortunately, the director of the latest movie was patient and helped me work through the scenes.

The problem now is that the movie won’t appear, probably on streaming, till about Halloween next year. I’m not good at waiting.